Chocolate Honeycomb

I am very pleased to announce that we are launching in 2020 my famous and delicious Chocolate Honeycomb. Only the finest chocolate can coat my superbly crunchy honeycomb and I wished to have this perfected once more before launching as I knew that you, my discerning customers, would not be happy if I let my … Continue reading Chocolate Honeycomb

My Beginnings

I have been asked a number of times recently about the origins of this fine business. As such, it was decided I would allow my assistant to search my drawers and archives for photographs and price lists to show you all. I started back in 1848 making my fine confections in my shop in Sheffield … Continue reading My Beginnings

Football is Coming Home!!

There has certainly been a large benjo around my way in the last few weeks with the World Cup matches and I have been watching them with great delight too. I am also enjoying the resurrection of the idea that “football is coming home”! Of course I remember when its home was first built in this … Continue reading Football is Coming Home!!